What motivates you?

Hi, my name is Kaj Gruning and welcome to KGfit! As a fitness-, performance, and mindset coach, my goal is to help each, and every client achieve the highest degree of physical and mental health possible by channeling your motivation into a healthy and complete lifestyle change.

The same principles and tools that I use with my athletes, are helping my clients to reach their individual goals, when it comes to their physical and personal goals.

Toni Robbins always says, "success leaves clues”, and we use the tools of the people that have created success in these areas.  Everybody can learn, with the use off the right tools, how to become the best version of themselves. We look at our client's current level and use progressions and regressions on a physical and/or mental level to catch the client where he/she is and progress from there with small and easy to learn steps.

With a positive attitude towards life and along with exercise and healthy, well-balanced nutrition, everyone can attain the results they are after. Stop dreaming and make a change today!