Client Testimonials

Choosing a personal trainer is a very important decision. This is a person that can either inspire you or inadvertently discourage you. I chose Kaj Gruning because of his knowledge and integrity, but more so, because he is authentic. Kaj has the unique ability to go beyond your training and help you succeed as a human being.

Kaj Gruning is successful because he trains the whole are not just a body to him. He works hard to understand your limitations and helps you learn how to overcome them in a positive and nurturing manner. Kaj allows you to revive that enthusiasm in yourself that is the key ingredient for your long term success!

- Dr. William Aguila (“Dr. A”, host of the Nationally Syndicated Dr. A Radio Show, Author of "Why I Don't Lose Weight!"

“What can I say? I have trained with Kaj for close to 4 years now. After having trained with seven different trainers, I can honestly say that Kaj is the best! He has a wealth of knowledge in the field which places him head and shoulders above the rest. Not only does he have the knowledge base , but also a passion for helping people change their lives for the better through
their health.

As physician, I appreciate his sincerity in helping his clients with their training but also with diet and lifestyle changes. It is not just a quick fix but a lifestyle change. The changes that I have during the time we have trained are dramatic. He personalizes your program to address the goals that you have (not a cookie cutter program that all of his clients have). He is constantly reassessing my goals. 

Thank you Kaj for what you do!”

- Dr. Karen Oldano

I was always skeptical at how much a personal trainer could actually help me obtain my personal goals. When I started working with Kaj, I was completely amazed at how you could transform my body. After losing a significant amount of weight, I wanted someone who could push me further and help me achieve physical excellence. Kaj has just the right amount of motivation.

He doesn't scream at you to motivate you, but he strongly urges you to do your very best and reminds you of your goals on a regular basis. He knows exactly the right exercises to develop the areas of your body that need work.

It is very evident that Kaj is educated in his field. With his knowledge and excellent people skills, he is able to create serious changes in his clients.

- Shannon Schofield

Kaj, is the BEST IN HIS CLASS!!!!! I have worked with Kaj intermittently for several years and he is very motivational and works with extraordinary enthusiasm. He is packed with numerous tools and techniques that aid in the transformation of my health and well being.

He went above and beyond my expectations in understanding my daily
 food intake and providing small suggestions that make a big impact. His customized fitness, nutrition and coaching is effective due to his experience and education. 

The guy knows his stuff and is always available for questions and advice. Kaj truly believes and helps the clients believe in themselves. This is backed up by the results that follow!!!

- Malar Subramanian

Before Kaj I was in pretty good shape but not seeing any progress. Kaj provided guidance and superb motivation... I have to say I'm the fittest I've ever been!!!!

- Dr. Alberto Ramirez

"With Kaj, it's so much more than working out. He always challenges & motivates me physically, but it's the mental determination he encourages that makes all the difference."

- William Preston Billig, OD 

Kaj genuinely cares about my fitness goals.  He motivates me to be stronger, pushes me when I need to be pushed. And with his guidance I have gained great posture and big muscles.  And I love my big muscles! 

- Debbie Harms

I have had the privilege of knowing Kaj for the last 3 years. I was encouraged to use him as my trainer from a group of medical professionals that I have been in association with for 15 years. After my first meeting with Kaj, I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and his ability to communicate what I needed to do to obtain my personal fitness goals.

Kaj is extremely knowledgeable and articulate. His passion for others to succeed is evident in my trainings. His encouragement is contagious, and the results from training with him are indisputable!

I highly recommend Kaj as a personal trainer.

- Jeff, Age 51 

I have been with Kaj and KG fit for almost three years.  Best decision I have ever made.  My weight has dropped 15 lbs., my speed and stamina have improved dramatically.  My weights have more than doubled and my ice hockey has dramatically improved. 

I strongly endorse Kaj and KG fit.

- Dr. Todd Haber 

I had just delivered Samantha 10 weeks and was 30 pounds overweight. Kaj helped me to not only loose the weight but to keep it off by increasing my muscle mass. 

Thank you Kaj!!!

- Krista Ramirez

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