Mental Coaching

What is mindset training?

I am frequently asked, “What do you do for a living?” To which I usually reply, ‘I am in the life-improvement business, and my job is to maximize people’s physical and mental performance to be able to enjoy life with more passion and live their lives to the fullest!’

As a former athlete and having trained groups and individuals since 1998, I quickly realized that if you want to improve your physical performance you must work on your mindset; the same is said to be true in reverse. World chess champion Magnus Carlsen regularly exercises to prepare his mind for the rigorous demands of chess, and with good reason -- 20-30% of our blood flow goes to the brain. Physical training goes hand in hand with mental performance. No matter if I train an athlete, CEO, or a stay-at-home mother of 4 children (equally taxing I would argue), every person has challenges in life that can be more effectively managed when we train body and mind. When we exercise, not only do we change how we look, feel, and move; but we also increase the blood flow to our brain and our neurotransmitter levels. As a result, we feel better, are more focused, and the level of stress hormones decreases. I have noted the changes in my clients following their training sessions; their outlook on life became significantly more positive after exercising their bodies.

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, but why mental training?” Knowing how to elevate certain neurotransmitter levels while decreasing others and optimizing brain activity to create new neuropathways, is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Having ADD myself, I know that sometimes we must learn to “trick” ourselves into action. Rest assured there are some wonderful tools out there, and I promise I got them all on hand for you😉. One of the main reasons I train and meditate is to optimize my neurotransmitter levels. All the tools that I use to effectively manage ADD can be applied to someone with a neurotypical brain to help make it more dynamic. When we feel stressed, our limbic brain is working overtime while our Prefrontal Cortex (executive thinking, long-term planning) is inhibited; thus, our approach to cognitive thinking becomes more rigid. Things like problem-solving, memory, innovation, and creativity are often inhibited. You can literally become less intelligent under high stress.

I am of the opinion that everyone should regularly utilize a Mindset Coach to improve their physical and mental performance and increase their overall enjoyment of life. 

We all struggle at times and need someone who can redirect us, remove the blind spots and provide clarity to help get us back on track. Cue a Mindset Coach.

Mindset coaches utilize their experience to partner with their clients to create action plans and equip the client with a multitude of tools to assist them in breaking negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and habits, guiding the client back to their passions. 

Generally speaking, mindset coaching provides you with an updated operating system that is more effective than the previous one. Think about me providing you with the advanced instructional manual for your brain. How would you feel if you bought a brand-new laptop, but the manufacturer installed software that has been outdated for 2 decades? You might be a CEO, Athlete, or a housewife but still operating on Windows 95. Imagine how much better and more effective life would be if you operated on the newest software. During our first 6 years of life, our subconscious is wide open. We download our beliefs, and how we process emotions from our environment. It is not something that we consciously choose. Often as adults, we still process through the lenses of this less-than-effective system. It might have worked/served you as a child, but some of these coping mechanisms slow down your brain, reduce your energy, and in some cases can even lead to health issues. 

Mindset coaching helps you to learn and process your emotions more effectively, increases your focus, and will lead to much higher energy levels and motivation. Feeling more alive and experiencing the moment while staying on task with your vocational and personal challenges.

It is often a major misconception to believe that this kind of information and learning should be limited to a selected few in Sports or business. Everyone could greatly profit by learning and implementing these tools. Research has shown that we all change at a higher rate at any age than we predict about ourselves. Wouldn’t it make sense to do it in a more effective way? By a way that has been proven by research and has been successfully implemented by other high achievers and people who want to get more out of their life. If you have a feeling deep inside that you have more to show, want to eliminate stress and anxiety, or would like to improve your focus, passion, and joy in life, then I urge you to give me a call.

Be well.

Kaj Gruning


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